OVO, a leading mobile app in Saudi Arabia, offers daily scheduled transportation for employees and students, ensuring the highest levels of safety and security through a flexible process.


With selective criteria for partner drivers and commitment to professionalism, OVO aims to improve trip quality and competitive pricing to become a global leader in scheduled trips.

Cross Platform

User can use this app on both plateform. iOS and Android


App is fast and reliable to use.


App have following featues

Login / Registration

Rider can login and register his account through social media accounts, email and password & mobile number.s

Vehicle Categories

Rider can select the vehicle from available options like van or car.

Promo Code

Rider can use a promo code to get an extra discount on the total trip amount.

Create Profile

Rider can create his profile by adding details including name, email Id, contact number, password, and country.

Reviews and Rating

Riders can give reviews and ratings at the end of the trip of the vehicles and drivers, as per their experience with OVO.

Cancel Trip

Riders can cancel the trip anytime.

Contact us

if you have any query contact us.


Saudi Arabia



Working Hours

Mon-Fri 9.00 AM to 5.00PM.

Download Our App

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